Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday

Here is a picture of Jayce from Astro Safari USA and I riding a quad in Wisconsin Summer 2011. Jayce is a great friend of mine and hopefully we will be working on something really cool in the next few weeks. Until then, stay safe in this wintery weather New York. Finals are almost through so I’ll have a bit more time to create.

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Well, November is through and the frigid month of December is upon us. The semester is winding down and there is still so much to finish up. I’ve been reading a few of these unreleased JD Salinger stories. The Ocean Full of Bowling Balls was probably my favorite, running over in my mind a few art film scripts from years ago I might just get out and make now that I’ll have a bit more time on my hands. Nothing all too exciting. I’m not going to pretend there’s anything of worldly significance happening over here while I type this in front of the fire. But I am planning a trip for the summer to make a bit of a longer film, and am working on finishing up a little something I shot with my other project Beautiful Bear. Those two might mean something, what’s most important about making things is what they mean to you because then they might matter to the rest of the world if they’re not shit. School is really taking all the sands from my hourglass, there’s just not enough moments in the day to do everything you’ve got to do. I always dream on days like today I could take all the hours I’ve spent just living and waiting around and combine them into some sort of time backup to use only when I’m running late on something. But I don’t think that’s ever going to be possible, even when we’re living in some sort of futurist chrome dystopia.

I guess what I’m trying to say is once I’ve done all the things I have to do, I can do some things I want to, which I’m most excited for. Love how this thing is becoming sort of a diary.

Talk to you soon,


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Something new

Something new

Here’s a screenshot from a little something we’re working on with the band Wolfbones. Check them out at

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Seems winter has arrived in New York

Seems winter has arrived in New York

Took a walk yesterday to check out a great location for our latest video going into production this Saturday. Found an abandoned mine shaft, a beach with huge waves and even saw a bunch of litter (not pictured). We will be working with our pals in the band Wolfbones on this one. To hear some of their material head over to Hopefully our fingers don’t fall off from the numbing cold of father winter’s icy grip.

PS. For more pictures with hip filters like this one, follow our new instagram account I’ll try to post some mildly interesting material you can scroll through when you’re bored at work, waiting for the bus, or doing something else you’d rather not be doing.

I’m off to class, thanks for reading


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We’re on Pinterest

We're on Pinterest

Yes it’s true, check it out if you like media things or just plain old pictures of forests with different fonts over thek. Hope to see you there!

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Music for your Halloween

Halloween is in two days, check out our latest video for Heroes And Underdogs single ‘Eye To Eye’ in this horror movie themed video we put together. Head over to for some behind the scenes images

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NEW VIDEO // Heroes And Underdogs ‘Eye To Eye’

Alter The Press is featuring our brand new music video for Heroes And Underdogs song ‘Eye To Eye’ feat Brad Schult of Kid Jerusalem. Happy Halloween!

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